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Meet our team.


We introduce you to Daša - our passionate fitness instructor who has built her professional career after obtaining her degree from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade.

ith more than 11 years of experience in conducting group and individual workouts, Daša has become an integral part of our fitness center.

Her expertise and knowledge are unquestionable, but what truly sets Daša apart is her unique approach to exercise. Her sessions are much more than conventional workouts - she creates an atmosphere in which every member feels welcomed and motivated. Her wit and positive energy have a constructive impact on the mood and encourage each individual to surpass their own limits.

Van teretane, Daša otkriva svoje raznovrsne interese. Ona uživa u analognom fotografisanju i čitanju knjiga, što predstavlja odličan balans za njenu energičnu stranu koju ističe tokom treninga. Takođe, uživa u avanturama digitalnog sveta kroz gejming. Njeni različiti interesi joj pomažu da održava ravnotežu i inspiriše druge da pronađu sopstvene vanfitnes strasti.

Outside the gym, Daša unveils her diverse interests. She takes pleasure in analog photography and reading books, which provides an excellent counterbalance to her energetic side that she emphasizes during workouts. Additionally, she enjoys exploring the digital realm through gaming adventures. Her various interests aid her in maintaining equilibrium and inspire others to find their own passions beyond fitness.

Become a part of our unforgettable fitness community and explore new possibilities with Daša.


Bojana's fitness journey began on an autumn day back in 1997. As a sixteen-year-old, out of curiosity, she did her first strength training session in a gym in Novi Sad, which became love at first sight for her.

From that fateful day to today, Bojana has been living her fitness lifestyle. She regularly trains and hones her skills in the field of coaching. In 2004, she opened the first women's gym in Novi Sad, Lady's Gym near Betanija, and started working with clients on personal as well as group training sessions.

In the meantime, she completed professional training and obtained international licenses from Fisaf and Ifbb federations. Over the years of working at Lady's Gym, she realized that what most of her clients need is precisely what group workouts offer - expert guidance and support, as well as teamwork.

In 2022, she dedicated herself exclusively to group workouts. She designed programs for various purposes, adapted and renovated the space at Trg Marije Trandafil 24, and opened a new Lady's Gym with a specialized purpose: group workout classes!

Outside of her fitness career, Bojana leads a family life with her husband and eight-year-old son. She prefers spending her free time with them in a home atmosphere and on joint travels. She loves cooking and creating new fitness recipes.

In moments of inspiration, she paints on canvas, which has been her long-standing preoccupation and an unrealized career since she was educated as a painter's technician at the Novi Sad School of Arts and an industrial designer at the Belgrade Polytechnic.


In 2008, she graduated from the Novi Sad Higher Coaching School, better known as TIMS. Even as a student, she started gaining valuable experience at Lady's Gym, working weekends as a substitute trainer.

Miličina's official sports career began in 2008 when she became a full-time employed fitness instructor at Lady's Gym as a certified fitness trainer.

Clients immediately loved her smiling face, direct and friendly approach to everyone, and her ability to make workouts enjoyable.

Meanwhile, Milica continues her professional development, learns, and obtains a license from the IFBB international federation in Belgrade in 2014, thus enriching her coaching knowledge. In her free time, she enjoys photography, gardening, hiking in nature, and spending time with friends. Children, especially her nephew, hold a special place in Milica's heart, and she dedicates a significant part of her time and attention to him.